CRYSTALROX is an exclusive luxury customisation service using SWAROVSKI crystals - we crystallise a wide range of products from phones, iPods and clothing to accessories, artwork and furniture - virtually any item can be encrusted with crystals so please enquire to find out how we can make you sparkle!

Our service works via mail order where the client sends in their item to be customised - to find out more about this process please enter the site or enquire using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

At CRYSTALROX we only use SWAROVSKI crystals, simply because they are renowned for being the most superior product in their field - SWAROVSKI crystals sparkle like no other due to the patented technique in which they are cut - this multi faceted design allows each crystal to throw off hundreds of different rays of light to create a multi-dimensional effect - creating the dazzling sparkle that everyone recognises. We love SWAROVSKI and we know that you will too!

We hope you enjoy the CRYSTALROX experience....